The production of the Lion King was AMAZING! Mrs. Dellinger, the students and all the volunteers did a great job!!!

​New Hanover High School Outreach

Teachers are some of the most underpaid, underappreciated and overworked people in the workforce.

​The impact teachers have on the students often goes unnoticed by many. At CityLife we appreciate all of the teachers in our community and we wanted to express that gratitude by honoring the teachers at New Hanover High! Thank you to all the staff, you guys are world changers!

Our outreach on May 15th was a major success. We were able to bless many people, have some great conversations as well as pray with people. The greatest thing of the night was when an amazing young man gave his life to Christ!

​We will be running CityLife Beach days every other weekend with September 10th being our last one of the year. They will then start again next year!

CityLife Church will be launching our latest community outreach on June 18th.

What is CityLife Beach days? Its an effort to take as many kids as possible from downtown Wilmington to the beach this summer. We recognized that there are many kids who have rarely or possibly never seen the ocean, we want to change that. We look at this as a unique way to take the Church to the community to share the love of Jesus. This will be completely free for the families as we will provide everything from toys, sunscreen, lunch and even transportation. This isn't a one time thing either, we will be running this program all summer with plans of expanding it next year.

How can you get involved? ​We are looking for volunteers to help as we caravan the kids to the beach as well as people to help organize and run things at the beach. We also are looking for people willing to donate whether by monetary donations, toys, sunscreen, or even gift cards to help provide food. And if anyone is feeling super generous we are looking for someone to donate a 15 passenger van to take this project to another level!

Is it to late to register my child? ​NO! We want this to be an opportunity for every child in the community. So if you have a child or know of a child who would like to go, register them today!

Where and When? ​We will be taking the kids to Kure Beach on August 27th and we will be arriving at 10am. Contact us for more details!


If they won't come to Church, we will take the Church to them!

doing life together

We love what Snipes is doing for the children in our community, the kids have stolen our hearts!

For Questions, registration, volunteer opportunities, or donations, please fill out the form on the left and a CityLife team member will be in contact with you.

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